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Mifare Classic 1k S50 Contactless Card Printing

    Mifare Classic 1k S50 Contactless Card Printing

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CR80 size 85.5mm*54mm*0.84mm thickness, Shipping Fee Included
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NXP Mifare 1K S50 Card Printing Online

Mifare classic 1k s50 is designed for simple integration and user convenience. Which could allow complete ticketing transactions to be handled in less than 100 ms. Thus, the MF1ICS50 card user is not forced to stop at the reader leading to a high throughput at gates and reduced boarding times onto busses. The MIFARE card may also remain in the wallet during the transaction, even if there are coins in it.



• Enterprise / campus card

• bus card

• highway fees charging system

• parking system

• residential management


• Chip Type: NXP Mifare 1 IC S50

• Storage capacity: 1K Bytes

• Working frequency: 13.56 MHz

• Communication speed: 106Kbps

• Reading distance: 0 ~ 100mm

• Reading time: 1 ~ 5ms

• Operating Temperature: -20 °C to +55 °C

• Endurance:> 100,000 times

• Data retention:> 10 years

• Dimensions: ISO standard card 85.6x54x0.82

• Packaging material: PVC, PET, PETG, 0.13mm copper wire

• packaging process: ultrasonic auto plant lines / Automatic Welding

• Executive standards: ISO14443A